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'Zessta Car Care Cleaning Kit - Interior, Riya Chemy'

Zessta Car Care Cleaning Kit - Interior


Leather Cleaner: Zessta Leather Cleaner is used on leather car seats, Vinyl car seats, Leather dashboards and Leather door panels; Dashboard Polish: Zessta Dashboard Polish imparts a durable pr..

'Zessta Car Polish 250 ml (Pack of 2), Riya Chemy'

Zessta Car Polish 250 ml (Pack of 2)


The multi-silicone formula used here helps in creating a bright, detergent-resistant shine Cleans and polishes cars without harming the surface ..

'Zessta Dashboard Polish (250 ml, Multicolor), Riya Chemy'

Zessta Dashboard Polish (250 ml, Multico...


Dashboard polish imparts a durable protective shine to enhance interior and exterior plastics, vinyl, leather and rubber Dashboard polish repels water and di..

'Zessta Waterless Car Wash and Shine (250 ml), Zessta, Z-22'

Zessta Waterless Car Wash and Shine (250...


Zessta waterless car wash combines surfactants, lubricants and PH builders to help break down surface grime more effectively Wash and shine at once, with 250..

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