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'Sheeba Bike ` Scooter Complete Body Polish (200 Ml), Sheeba Chemicals, SCB`SBP08'

Sheeba Bike & Scooter Complete Body ...


High gloss, contains a unique blend of ingredients that gives extra bright shine & cover protection. Easy application, just spray & buff, No extra efforts. ..

'Sheeba CW7 Car Polish Wax (100 g), Sheeba Chemicals, CW7'

Sheeba CW7 Car Polish Wax (100 g)


A product in its class gives your car a high gloss shine with cover protection Restores auto paint finishes to look like new, safe for clear coat finishes wh..

'Sheeba Microfiber Cloth Dusting Polishing Towel, Sheeba Chemicals, SCMFWPT09'

Sheeba Microfiber Cloth Dusting Polishin...


Unique ultra thin synthetic fiber technology with 3 in 1 action for use in cleaning, waxing and polishing It gives a magnetic attraction to dust, grime as we..

'Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One Multipurpose Liquid Polish (200 ml), Sheeba Chemicals, SCAIO07'

Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One Multipurpose L...


It's active formula gives extra bright shine & new look to articles polished High gloss, contains a unique blend of ingredients that gives extra bright shine..

'Sheeba SCBPP12_1 Complete Body Polish (100 ml, Pack of 10), Sheeba Chemicals, SCBPP12_1'

Sheeba SCBPP12_1 Complete Body Polish (1...


Gives your vehicle instant new shine which lasts for long Can also be used on your vehicle's levers, dooms, plastic lights covers, seat covers, flaps and all..

'Sheeba SDC717 Dashboard and Interior Cleaner (200 ml), Sheeba Chemicals, SDC717'

Sheeba SDC717 Dashboard and Interior Cle...


Removes ingrained dirt and superficial dust from dashboard and plastic interior trim quickly and easily Simply spray onto the surface and wipe over with a cl..

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